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Priyanka Chopra launches Mary Kom inspired doll in Delhi

Priyanka Chopra launched Mary Kom inspired doll along with Darshan Kumar and World Boxing champion MC Mary Kom in Delhi on September 2nd, 2014.

Priyanka said: “Today, I can beat anyone, it feels great.”

“Building muscles can’t make you feel empowered, but stronger. I did! I have lost all my muscle now, but I still feel strong. I still believe I have those muscles.”

“Muscles are a very superficial thing. What they did for me, honestly, was being able to learn a sport. I’ve never learnt a sport in my life. That too a contact sport. For me, it was a huge challenge to learn an entire sport,” she said on an introspective note.

She added: “Today, you can put me in a boxing ring. I may not be able to beat another boxer, but I’ll be able to give her a tough fight. I’ve learnt it that much.”

Priyanka Chopra launches Mary Kom inspired doll in Delhi



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