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Bang Bang’s new song Meherbaan is such a stunner!

Even as we’re still getting over how beautiful Tu Meri was, comes Meherbaan, the second song from Bang Bang. And what else could a song possibly need to make it really really amazing than a Greek god like Hrithik Roshan, an unbelievably gorgeous Katrina Kaif and the romantic Greece? That’s probably why Meherbaan is so beautiful and that’s probably why you’ll just have to watch it over and over if you watch it once…!

That awesome chemistry that Katrina Kaif and Hrithik share also helps in making the song dreamy. Seriously…what could the two of them have changed in themselves post ZNMD to get this kind of chemistry? (because they definitely didn’t share something this good in ZNMD, we must admit).

Vishal and Shekhar’s soothing and electrifying tunes add to all the magic but I’m not really sure if the voices of Ash King and Shilpa Rao fit in that well for Hrithik and Kat. And yes, did I tell you that you’re going to get to see Hrithik and Kat in their hottest ever forms in Meherbaan? Because Hrithik bared his muscly, tanned chest and Kat donned a bikini in the song and you’ll have to wait till the end of the song to see them do that. And I swear you’re going to have your breath taken away and stare dumb-foundedly into the screen when you get to that part!

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