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Kareena left Shuddhi so others can have it!

Although that Kareena Kapoor has opted out of Shuddhi is something we all know and have even forgotten by now, Kareena Kapoor hasn’t. For, all that she is talking about lately is how and why she opted out of Shuddhi and nothing else whenever she gets makes a public appearance. And all this is making us wonder if the girl is regretting getting out of the movie..!

It was in one of her most recent interviews where she said that she left Shuddhi so that her contemporaries can have a plum project like that (aah..not all that vanity of hers again!) that we knew that something wasn’t right and maybe she is talking about it so much as she can’t stop thinking about it. And why would she think so much about it unless she’s regretting it, right?

So why did she leave it in the first place? And only god can save whoever bags the project now as they’re surely going to be reminded all of their lives that it was she who was offered the role in the first place!if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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