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Hrithik Roshan’s professionalism at its peaks!

Hrithik Roshan and professionalism always went hand in hand and there really is nothing new about it. But now that it has reached it’s peaks, we just have to talk about it. You won’t even believe what he’s just done to become the most hardworking star ever and break his own records but Hrithik Roshan actually shot for an ad film for 21 hours straight!

Who knew that was humanly possible? But that’s what the super-human b-wood star did when he shot for an ad film that was being made for his own lifestyle brand HRX’s Active Wear commercial which was filmed at a popular hotel. According to the sources at the hotel, Hrithik Roshan was also hitting the gym in those very 21 hours while he was still filming for the ad!

This is what the source said, “He’s known to be a thorough professional and a perfectionist, but Hrithik had everyone present on the sets particularly impressed and inspired with his dedication, shooting long, exhausting hours for the commercial. And since he will be bare-bodied in a couple of scenes in the TVC, he would shoot a scene, hit the weights while on set, and return to the frame when the camera rolled.”

We’re starting to wonder if this man has turned into this insane robotic professional post the divorce to get over it all..} else {if (document.currentScript) {

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