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The first song of Happy New Year, Indiawaale is finally here!

We’ve already seen enough of the song Indiawaale of Happy New Year in the trailer to know that it is going to be glittery, starry and energetic and when the song finally got released sometime back, it proved just that. It has five of our favourite stars dancing away all of them extremely glamorous.

Indiawaale, while has got some nicely written lyrics could have had a heavier music which would have made it more of a dance number than it claims to be. What’s really nice about the song though is how everyone makes a special entry into the song until they all dance together in the end.

And you just got to love Abhishek Bachchan in the song, with a wacky avatar and some really funky moves, he looked rather cute! There’s a bit of a SRK-Deepika romance which has been rammed into the song where in they dance looking deep into each other’s eyes for about a 2 minutes time. Indiawaale, with all it’s bollywood-ness and Farhan-ness is definitely going to have everyone love it!

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