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Fawad Khan “Kissing scenes? I will play a little safe for now”

Despite being much-married, Fawad Khan, the macho-looking TV star from Pakistan is a huge draw with women of all ages. He speaks about his gamble with Bollywood and Sonam, the latest Khubsoorat woman in his screen life.

Khubsoorat pivots around Sonam Kapoor. Any apprehensions as the film’s leading man?  
I didn’t have any apprehension working in a female-centric film; I have done this back at home. What matters is your director, fellow actors, the content is also important. Besides, there is a lot of interaction between Sonam and my character in the film. I believe you can do a lot even if you have a 15-minute part in a project.

Do you think the film will benefit from your huge female fan following?
It could be an advantage for the opening finally, it’s all about team work. I attribute the following to God.

Does your wife feel insecure about your female fan following?
My wife is not insecure at all. She is one of the most sensible persons I have come across. She is very supportive. We have had a very long relationship which is an outcome of trust. I have given her enough time to test me.

Many actors crossover to Bollywood but no one has been able to scale great heights. Does that scare you?
The biggest fear any man has in life is a financial crisis; and that matters to me as well. You have to keep your house running. I have minimum expectations from my work even back at home but I have been fortunate in many ways. No one in my family is a musician or actor so for me it has been a huge journey. I don’t think about what’s going to happen tomorrow because if I start doing that I will tend to limit myself.

Ali Zafar, who is also from Pakistan, once said he is not okay with kissing on screen. What about you? 
I have certain reservations. I feel a scene can look crassy or classy depending on the presentation. There is a thin line between vulgar and aesthetic. I will play a little safe for now.

Do you have a strong leaning for clean films or are you also ready for bold films?
I am a fan of all kind of films but starting with Khubsoorat was easier as it appeals to the sensibility of a larger number of people. I might be hesitant about choosing bold projects but at the same time I must admit that I am very unpredictable.

What kind of Hindi cinema have you grown up on?                                           cialis electronic check
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