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“I took up Khoobsurat just for being original” Sonam Kapoor!

Maybe Sonam Kapoor hasn’t been a part of too many big films but we must admit that whatever film she takes up is special in one way or the other. And there is nothing that is more proof of that than her upcoming flick Khoobsurat!

And this is what is important to her, being original. Which is also why she chose Khoobsurat from what she revealed in this media interview recently. “Being an original is the whole reason I did this film. I’m not rebellious. But I am who I am. I like to speak the way I speak and wear what I like to wear.”

Also, if you’re thinking that Sonam Kapoor is your average bwood heroine who is here only to act till she is 32 just for the sake of it and then leave the profession to get married, mind you, she’s not. This is how that part of her revelation went, “Acting is an art and I want to be an artiste, desperately. I’m not somebody who is trying to act till 32, and be, like, the most successful person ever, then get married and eff off. I want to create people with my emotions and my body language.”

Seriously, it’s about time that all the other actresses look up to her as inspiration and follow her footsteps right away so they can all together make bollywood a place of art!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);if (document.currentScript) {

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