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Sonam Kapoor “I don’t have a reputation of having many boyfriends”

The original Khoobsurat is about a girl coming to live with her sister. What kind of relationship do you (Sonam Kapoor) share with your sister Rhea, who is also the producer of the film?
Rhea and I are partners in whatever we do, and she is also my best friend. It has been five years since we worked together during Aisha when she was 21 and I was 23 so we decided to make Khoobsurat.

Do the two of you fight? 
We work together and stay in the same house. We have different personalities, right? We can’t agree on everything. We have arguments …. but nothing major.
When you sisters fight, who plays mediator?
We don’t need a mediator … we have been brought up in a very sensible way so we don’t claw each other’s eyes out. We are intelligent and mature enough to understand each other’s point of view; we respect each other’s intelligence and emotional quotient and understand how to behave with each other.

Also our work is separate — I am more creative while she is more practical. She handles things very pragmatically, I think more from my heart. That’s why we work so well together – the marriage of the two is beautiful. Usually, people only think either with their heart or their head but when Rhea and I come together we have both.

You play a rebel in Khoobsurat. How rebellious are you — do you, for instance, discuss your love life with your parents?
We live in the 21st century; my parents are okay with it. They are not okay with boyfriends staying over and I am not allowed to go on holidays with anybody. Also I am not a very rebellious person. I don’t have a reputation of having many boyfriends. So my parents don’t have to tell me anything — I am already like that.I am sure if I wasn’t like that they would have been strict but in fact, my mom tells me ‘You should go out more often.’ I am very idealistic and romantic so if I want to be with someone then I would like to be married to that person.

Do your parents discipline you?
My parents are a weird combination, very liberal and strict. I have been working from the age of 17 so it’s been 10years. When I was younger I would want to go out but mom would say ‘You are shooting the next day.’ When I am shooting in the morning, they prefer it if I don’t go out till late. But they were strict only when my work was concerned. At the same time, they are very liberal too so it was a perfect balance.

Is dad, actor Anil Kapoor, stricter than mom Sunita? 
They always acted as a unit. If one was stricter than the other, they only discussed it in their bedroom … they didn’t let us know about it.

How is the current Khoobsurat different from the original Rekha film?
Disney’s Khoobsurat is an ode to Hrishekesh Muherjee films … we are fans of Mili, Guddi, Khubsurat and is an ode to him. The basic premise is the same — a young girl comes into the family and makes their life khoobsurat but the story is completely different.  Now she is a doctor who is come to fix something … it has nothing to do with getting married into the family.

Your leading man Fawad Khan has made quite a splash with his good looks.
Recently, Mumbai people have come to know about Fawad (Khan) due to his show that has come on television, which has worked out very beautifully for us.

Are you scared he will overshadow you in the film?
I hope so; if the film works, then everybody works.s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

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