Nargis Fakhri shopping for new boyfriend?

Nargis Fakhri has always kept mum about her relationship with Uday Chopra, though that they were an item was very much obvious. But now, after their alleged breakup the pretty lass has come out into the open about the painful heartbreak.

Or so her latest tweet suggests. “Sometimes,” the tweet goes, “it’s just not possible to fix whats broken. Better off buying something new & just learn Ur lesson & take more care this time.”

So, what was Nargis Fakhri really hinting at? Considering that the breakup happened very recently it isn’t hard to guess. But what has us perplexed is the ‘buying something new’ part of her tweet. You can’t buy a new boyfriend, can you?

Hmm, we love how the leggy beauty is keeping us all guessing about her love life – or heartbreaks, in this case.

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