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Imran Khan and Avantika to raise funds for cancer kids

Being a parent changes everything for a lot of people and we know for sure that it is true atleast in the case of Imraan Khan and Avantika, the newly turned dad and mom to their adorable baby girl Imara. They got to realize how much of a parent’s world revolves around the kids and how much a parent cares for their kids which led to them raising funds for cancer afflicted kids!

It is the Goenka trust that works for the pediatric section of the Tata Memorial hospital that Imran Khan and Avantika are all set to raise the funds.

From what the couple spoke to the media, they realize the amount of change this could cause in the kids’ lives and more so now since their own lives revolve around the growth and wellness of their daughter Imara which is why they decided to share the good fortune that they have and help the kids with cancer.

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