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It is work before Deepika for Ranveer Singh!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh might be oh-so-in-love but their careers are at the highest levels that they could possibly ever reach at the moment. So does that mean that their impending marriage which was rumored to be happening in just a few months?

Ask Ranveer Singh about it and this is what he says, “I don’t even think about it, as of now. I am only thinking about which movies should I do that will make a mark, and what parts I should play that will become memorable. I am really enjoying the process. I am exploring my creativity and myself, as an artiste, by trying new things. I am caught up in it and things are moving fast for me. So I don’t have the time or headspace to think about such things.”

Wow…that sure was a harsh thing to say..he doesn’t have the headspace for Deepika? Wonder what Deepika’s going to say when she comes to know that her beloved Ranveer Singh has said this! And then again, she might not really be affected, the career girl that she herself is…} else {

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