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Shah Rukh Khan talks about why he keeps AbRam away from the public!

Did you notice that whenever it came to AbRam, Shah Rukh Khan had been uncannily secretive? This wasn’t the case when it came to Aryan and Suhana. So why is it that he is hiding little AbRam from the cameras and from everyone’s attention?

This is what Shah Rukh Khan had to say to that, “I am not overtly happy talking about him. He is my baby and nobody else’s. You can come home and see him if I allow you to come in my house.”

And then he also added that the circus of public life is only for him and not for his children, “”He (AbRam) is not meant for flashbulbs. I don’t want him to be a participant in this circus of public life that I am a part of. That is what I do, public life. The good, bad, ugly, goodness of media, the strangeness, I am part of it, not my children.

He (AbRam) is small. Don’t want to allow that innocence in my line of work. Others do it good. I don’t do it so I can’t comment on others. One day if I feel like coming out I will. My baby, my life. I feel awkward when people say why I don’t bring him in public. I will do what I feel like. You can’t put picture because I don’t like it, I feel uncomfortable.” Wow…looks like Papa Shah Rukh Khan does feel really strongly about the whole issue!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);}

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