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Salman goes out of his way to help Katrina Kaif!

When Salman Khan cares, he cares. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ex or a criminal or anything. Bhai shows off his large heart once again when he flew all the way to Canada to promote Dr.Cabbie, Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel’s first movie! When he really could just have done that from here or have not done it at all.

Naturally, Katrina Kaif was mighty pleased and impressed and immediately called him up and thanked him for that sweet sweet gesture. And she’s also supposedly been telling everyone who would listen to her about this act of Salman Khan and how he’s the sweetest person on the earth.

This is what a source was found to be saying on this whole thing “Salman left his Ganpati celebrations at home and went to Canada to support Katrina Kaif’s sister which is a big deal. He wasn’t required to travel and could have done phone interviews as well. Kat was quite touched by his gesture and has not only personally thanked him but also has praised his act to everyone.”

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