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Priyanka On Turning Producer With Madameji

After 10 years on the profession Priyanka Chopra turns producer with the forthcoming Madhur Bhandarkar-directed venture, Madameji. And she has a nifty new name for her production house – Pebbles Pictures.

The actress who started off with The Hero (2003) is all excited about this addition on her list of accomplishments. “I am really happy that Madhur (Bhandarkar) agreed to be my first director in my first home production. Madhuri is a great director and it’s a superb story. Producing films is a big step for me, a new step into a new direction. I had never thought I will become a musician or a producer but I have always looked for reason to evolve, I like changing. I am very spontaneous.”

Just as it happens with most actresses, Priyanka’s first film will feature her in the lead –after all her last collaboration with Bhandarkar, Fashion, had fetched her a National Award. But Priyanka insists, “I never thought that my production house will make a film starring me. I wanted to make small films that tell good stories but this film came as a great opportunity to establish the production house. But eventually, I want to promote new talent — whether it’s writers directors or actors.”

Despite turning producer, however, Priyanka is still not comfortable with number crunching. She laughs: “I get very confused with numbers. On Fridays, I generally leave it someone or the other to tell me how the film is doing. But as a producer I guess my maths will improve. I just want to make good films … I have good team to look after the rest. And I trust them will my life.”

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