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Humaima Malick – I wanted the kiss with Emraan

Widely recognized as an actress of substance after the release of Bol, Pakistani actress Humaima Malick has now entered Bollywood with Raja Natwarlal as Emraan Hashmi’s love interest. She is happy to be making a beginning in the industry but Humaima reveals that it wasn’t a comfortable sojourn for her when it came to filming intimate scenes.

Though Humaima was well aware that the film’s narrative required a particular scene where would have to kiss Emraan Hashmi, she wondered if it was really the need of the script. She reveals: “I was told that since there is an emotional bond required to be established, kissing would be required. I know that when you are doing it for the camera, it is all mechanical. Still, I wondered if there would be a major difference if I kissed him on the forehead instead,” smiles Humaima.

The newcomer boldly went and shared her trepidations with director Kunal Deshmukh. She says, “I remember having a long discussion with him over the phone one night. I thought we could do away with the lips part. Being a sweet guy, Kunal was very patient throughout and just asked me to have a good night sleep without thinking much about it.”

As it turned out, though, Kunal shot the entire scene quite aesthetically, and won Humaima’s respect.

So has Humaima now drawn a line for herself when it comes to being presented in a full-on glam avtar on the screen? She answers thoughtfully, “See, there is always a line which you draw for yourself; you know how far you can actually go. I know that I don’t do things in a vulgar way. I am a subtle girl myself. I carry myself quite gracefully. I don’t think that I can go to screen and do something ugly and vulgar. Mujhe maloom hai ki kitna theek hai aur kitna nahin.”

It is this very sense of assessment that worked well for all involved in Raja Natwarlal as well. “When Kunal told me that he wanted an intimate scene in the film, I knew what he was looking for,” she says. “He was also honest in expressing that there is a need among Emraan’s audience that has to be taken care of. Still, we never crossed the lines. This is the reason why Raja Natwarlal is Emraan’s first family film and that too with a U/A certificate.

“Yes, we would be seen together in intimate scenes but then vulgarity and sensuality are different. I carry myself respectfully,” asserts Humaima.

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