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Controversial movie posters in Bollywood

Controversy finds it’s way into everything. Movies, their scenes, their dialouges, their songs, their dance and also their posters! There have been certain movies in the Bollywood industry which have created a buzz just with their controversial movie posters!


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The movie was supposed to shed some light on terrorism but ended up misleading the audience and creating a lot of controversy because of it’s bold poster. As soon as the poster was out, Shiv Sena had made a fuss about it.

Jism 2

Even before the poster got out the movie was neck deep in controversy for starring a porn star as the female lead. The provocative poster was inspired by Felix Bendish’s visual for a fashion show. The movie faced legal charges when it was revealed that the lady in the poster wasn’t Sunny Leone but Nathalia Kaur.

The Dirty Picture

It was a well known fact that The Dirty Picture was based on Silk Smitha’s life. The concepts, background and story line were already creating a buzz but the real deal breaker was when the poster got out. Close relatives of Silk Smitha got offended and felt that the movie would portray her in a bad way and filed legal charges against the makers of the movie.

Ragini MMS

The word MMS hits a nerve in the celeb world and Balaji Motion Pictures has a knack of making controversial movies. The tag line “They don’t know it yet. It’s a threesome ” was pretty lame but created a lot buzz among the conservative families.

Hate Story

Love killed her soul, her body seeks revenge was tattooed on the bare back of Paoli Dam. The makers of the movie were inspired from Kareena Kapoor’s bare back in Kurbaan and later faced charges just like the makers of Kurbaan.


Aamir Khan’s released the PK poster early this month expecting some great compliments, and while he did receive quite a lot of positive reviews, there were some who thrashed him left, right and center for posing nude on the poster. Certain section of people sought a ban on the poster which was tagged as vulgar and obscene and has the tendency to corrupt the minds of the people. However, maamla abhi thanda hai. d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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