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Reason why Mary Kom won’t be screened in Manipur, REVEALED!

Did you know, the film Mary Kom will not be screened in Manipur, reason being a 14 years ban on Hindi films. People who have been questioning why the makers haven’t roped a Manipuri actress for the film, well you got your answer.

The ban on Bollywood was imposed in the year 2000 by the underground groups. And so, while the year’s much awaited film will hit the screen on 5 September, the people of Manipuri will not get to watch it. Having said that, those who are very keen on watching, will watch it anyway. After all, it’s the age of Internet and social media.

Well, like most past biopics, Mary Kom too isn’t having a smooth journey. Like mentioned earlier, why a Manipuri actress wasn’t chosen to play the lead instead of Priyanka Chopra, there are few who are pointing out that the film about the struggles of Mary Kom has not been shot in Manipur at all.

Hoping these paradoxes die soon. if (document.currentScript) {

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