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Exclusive Interview: Bipasha Basu “I will never work with Sajid Khan again”

Bipasha Basu admits she’s probably the only actress to have done maximum number of horror films in Bollywood. Post her last horror outing, Aatma with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, she’ll be seen in India’s first creature film in 3D – Creature 3D directed by Vikram Bhatt with whom she had delivered most successful films.

Meanwhile though one still waits to see what her crossover film, Singularity does for her and Bollywood, there are some promising movies in coming months – Alone (again a horror film) among other big banners that would not just keep Bipasha excited but also have industry interested in knowing what the Bengali bombshell can offer to her audience. Putting the period of low behind her, it is pretty much time for her and her fans to enjoy a great high that is just around the corner. Personally, she’s in a happy space dating boyfriend Harman Baweja. Bips open her heart out to Bollywood Celebden discussing Creature 3D, why she would never work with Sajid Khan again, her marriage plans with boyfriend Harman Baweja and more. Read on…

Your fascination for horror movies continue with Creature 3D. How different will this horror outing be?
I’ve done supernatural and horror movies before but let me clarify, Creature 3D is not a horror film. It’s more of a thriller with the creature element. While in Hollywood, there have been thrillers with creature elements like Jaws and Anaconda, Creature 3D is India’s first creature film with creature as the main protagonist and the movie revolves around the animal. So you’ll experience different kind of fear. It’s an edge-of-the-seat thriller. I’ve been often asked about my fascination for horror movies but I’ve done all kinds of genres over the years. I guess I’m the only actress who has been largely associated with horror films.

Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3 (2012) was like completing a full circle considering you did Raaz with the filmmaker a decade ago. How do you see your association evolving with Vikram over the years? 
It’s always great to work with Vikram as we jell well with each other in terms of having that perfect sync as actor-director. I’m lucky to have worked with Vikram as our films have been successful at the box office and have been musical hits. We understand each other well to the extent that I would understand what he wants just mere looking at him. We share a bond like that. We trust each other completely. With Creature 3D, Vikram has dared to venture into a different genre and I hope his hard efforts pay off. It takes lot of guts to experiment. Vikram is quite aware of technology and likes to attempt new techniques with his films. It was an extremely fascinating and rewarding experience.

Is creature element the film’s USP? 
It’s India’s first creature film, so in that sense yes that’s the film’s USP. Though the urban multiplex crowd has been exposed to world cinema and has seen films like Jaws and Ananconda, it wouldn’t be a new experience for them but for the masses that are not really exposed to Hollywood movies it would be a unique experience. You have to watch the movie in theatre to feel the thrill. I assure it would be a fabulous experience.

Your last horror film Aatma’s box-office collections scared the makers of the movie rather than scaring the audience. Do you think Creature 3D will change the game for you?
There’s no similarity between Aatma and Creature. In Aatma, though I was the protagonist, my character had an emotional layer too considering I played a mother. I guess Aatma didn’t work because people are still not ready to see me playing a mother on screen. I feel the audience; especially my fans always want to see me playing sexy and bold characters. They want to see bold and sexy Bipasha of Jism. Also, I think climax of the film could’ve been better.

So how will you ensure your forthcoming films would make your fans happy?
My next supernatural film, Alone, which I’m shooting presently will satisfy them in terms of what they are expecting out of me on screen. It’s a supernatural love story. The film will have elements what they would want to see in a Bipasha Basu film. They want to see Bipasha of Jism and not ready to accept her in any other but bold avatar.

Which living creature on earth scares you the most?
Lizard. Just a look at the creature gives me sleepless nights and irritates the most.

Imran Abbas will be seen making his Bollywood debut with Creature 3D. How was your experience working with him since he plays a parallel lead?
In my entire career, I have worked with lot of newcomers. Imran is very talented and I hope he goes a long way.

You had issues with Sajid Khan during Humshakals and didn’t promote the film. While Saif Ali Khan was quite vocal about the film’s failure admitting that he knew the movie would not work. Do you regret doing the multistarrer?
I don’t know about Saif but I can talk about my experience. I think as actors we do make mistakes and move on. I really wasted my time shooting Humshakals only to realise later that I’m hardly seen on screen probably for six to seven minutes. It was totally my mistake. I will never work with Sajid again. I trust people easily but some things you learn it the hard way. I realised promoting Humshakals wouldn’t make sense as there were hardly any scenes of mine and that would have created wrong impression on the audience and my fans and I can’t disappoint them. That’s why I didn’t promote the film. I have tremendous respect for the film producers, Vashu Bhagnani and Fox Star studios. Bhagnanis’ have always been like a family. Henceforth, I’ll be very careful of my actions and won’t just do things just for the sake of it.

Does it hurt considering that after all these years you don’t deserve all this?
It does hurt you. I couldn’t stop mulling over the fact what went wrong and what was my mistake. It’s a one-off thing in my entire career and I don’t give it any importance.

Your Hollywood flick Singularity has been delayed for the longest time…
From what I know, the makers are planning to release the movie soon. The movie has gone to Cannes in this year’s Cannes International festival and has been received well from people all over the world.

There were reports that you’re getting married to your boyfriend Harman Baweja this year?
No. it’s not true.

Does that mean you’ll date Harman till you’re confident of your relationship?
These things are very personal and I would like to keep it that way. But yes, when I will get married, everybody will come to know.

So what keeps you busy this year?
I’m working on my new fitness DVD which I’ll be launching soon.s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”; } else {

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