WATCH Sonakshi Sinha and Yo Yo Honey Singh in the latest music video “Desi kalakaar”

… And finally, one of the most awaited songs, Desi Kalakar, featuring Sonakshi Sinha and Yo Yo Honey Singh, released today, and we must say, our soaring high expectations simply fell flat on the ground. While the song is definitely catchy, the video was a big put off. Nevertheless, as bad as this video is, it’s going to be popular. That’s the power of Honey Singh.

So, the video opens with Honey Singh trying his best to compose a piece of music but is unable to concentrate. On the other hand, Sonakshi Sinha is dining with her family at home when suddenly her phone rings, her boyfriend Honey Singh on the call. She excuses herself from the dinner table, talks to him explaining, her father Gulshan Grover would never get them married, reason being he doesn’t like artists.

What’s next? Well, watch the video below.

Did you like what you just saw? Well, if you ask us, it’s a NO. Just look at Sonakshi Sinha. What’s up with her? That horrifying make up – so orange and cakey. She’s such a pretty girl. Why did they ruin her look with that awful make up. Sonakshi has gone from the exquisite highs of Lootera to a cringeworthy Yo Yo Singh music video. What the hell happened?

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