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Poonam Pandey raises temperatures with her ALS ice bucket challenge

…And all this while we were wondering where on earth she was. The controversy queen Poonam Pandey went ahead and took the ALS ice bucket challenge, for which she readily and happily stripped into her black and gold bikini. After all why would she want to miss a golden opportunity to show off her hot bod.

The drama queen was nominated by RJs of Red FM and her Twitter followers, and in turn she has dared all the three Khan in Bollywood, Aamir, Salman and Shahrukh Khan to take up the challenge within 24 hours.

Well, to us it looked like Ms. Pandey wanted to show off her seductive side more than promoting awareness of the disease. Like seriously, what was the need of 1. dressing up like a wannabe, 2. the fake accent and 3. the tiny ice bath.

In the video we see that Poonam, in a very seductive voice explained what she was about to do and then opens her bathrobe only to get drenched. Where is the water Poonam? Everything about the video is just so wrong, right from completely misunderstanding the point of ALS Ice Bucket challenge. It’s to raise awareness, not get attention for her body. And that fake accent only makes her sound trashy.

Watch the video here:

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