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MUST WATCH: Alia Bhatt takes on all her haters in this hilarious video

Remember, Koffee With Karan featuring the Student Of The Year gang, where one of Karan’s students Alia Bhatt made a laughing stock of herself when she confused the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with the President of India? Well, the internet was flooded with jokes on the actress. Most social networking sites were trending on #YoAliaSoDumb. Alia was mocked left, right and center. The rest is history. The poor girl must have gone through hell, yet she put up a brave face like she didn’t care.

But now, baby Bhatt has finally decided to put an end to the never ending nonsense, with the help of the YouTube channel and comedy group All India Bakchod. They came up with a hilarious video which sees a discouraged Alia turn into a genius over night.

The video starts with Alia’s KWK GK stint, thereafter people making fun and laughing at her in her face, so much so that even her own people, friends and family did not spare her. The very sporting Alia then takes it up as a challenge and works on her general knowledge, sharpens her IQ and then sits on the hot seat opposite Karan yet again on the show, this time around only to prove to the whole world she’s not as dumb as they think. Watch the ‘Genius of the Year’ video right here.

Gosh! This one made our day and we bet it’ll make yours too! Kudos to Alia for being such a sport. It takes a lot of courage to do this, being a celebrity. Hats off Alia, you surely are the next big thing for Bollywood. AIB team, your stature and reach is really growing in leaps and bounds by each passing day. And the quality of content, creativity, production…everything is just top-notch.Keep it coming till our heart fails!

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