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Hair and there with Alia Bhatt on MTV’s new web based show

MTV is back in style with their digital show- Philips MTV- The Look. Tailor-made for the stylish, the funky and the beautiful, “Philips MTV The Look” offers a plethora of perfect hair-do ideas and tips to make you look gorgeous and your mane happy!

The show gets chic with the presence of young fashionista Alia Bhatt. A talented actress, a cracker of a new comer and a well-known fashion icon setting ramps on fire. Alia will be seen sharing some of her favourite styles, tips and tricks to create interesting hairdos along with VJ Bani and VJ Gaelyn on MTV’s latest web-based show.

With divas VJ Bani and VJ Gaelyn bringing the trendiest, funkiest and the most eye catching hair-dos and styles to every viewer who looks to be ahead of the style curve, it’s finally time for all the girls to kiss goodbye to hair woes.

The three style divas will share their formula for the trendiest hairstyles ensuring hairdos are no more a nuisance for all the fashion savvy MTV viewers. Watch Philips MTV THE LOOK – let the pioneers show the way and leave the boys trailing with their jaws dropped!

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