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Farhan Akhtar gets massive response online for his first webcert

Farhan Akhtar is always pushing the boundaries and trying new things. This time around Farhan was seen performing at the first ever webcert (Web concert). The show was called the ‘Stroke of Midnight’ and his band, Farhan Live was seen performing on14th August at 11:30pm. It was a live digital concert and was the first time ever an artist was seen performing at this platform.

Farhan received a massive response online for the same. The show witnessed about 1,55,443 signing up in less than 60 hrs. The numbers only swelled and they had 7,54,815 viewers who signed up to catch the show online.

Farhan formed the band last year and has been visiting acorss cities for performances. He has in fact been visiting umpteenth colleges for performances. He has struck a cord with the youth at large and the footfall at his concerts have increased. The webcert has added to his fan mania . A lot of young people logged in to watch his show and were all praise for the performance.if (document.currentScript) { document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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