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Ranbir Kapoor says Katrina Kaif is just an old friend

Ouch! Now that hurts…. like straight in the heart. Did RK just call Ms. Kaif an old friend? What about all those jolly good trips they made together? If this wasn’t enough, Ranbir Kapoor also went on to rubbish all reports that the alleged love birds were set to get married anytime soon.

At a recent press conference, RK made it clear that he will not be getting married anytime soon, be it this year or even next year. He says he is married to films and has no one or nothing else on his mind.

He also denied reports that he met Kats’s mother in London, saying he has known Katrina Kaif since a long time now and that she’s just an ‘old friend’. And when asked why is he so secretive about his life when his cousin Kareena Kapoor is exactly the opposite, Rabir says his views are totally different, adding to each his own and that it’s his life and will live it his way.

Well, we guess, RK has learned it the harder way. He’s learned from his mistakes never to be open about his personal life. And we do appreciate that. He isn’t obliged to share the details about his personal life. If he wants to keep his life private its totally up to him. May be he will let the world know when he is serious about someone. can you get high off of indomethacin }}

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