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Ajay Devgn On A Post Singham High : Interview

Ajay, have you slept since Friday morning?
(Laughs) Well, I did sleep early on Saturday morning when it started becoming increasingly clear that we were on the verge of posting the highest-ever first day collections for the year. People told me that ‘Ajay, ab so jaao, kyon pooch rahe ho collections ke baare mein, aakhir pictue chal gayi hai’. Since the advance itself was so strong, the numbers weren’t going away anywhere. We thought that first day would be Rs 28-30 crores but when some more small centres started sharing collections, it only got bigger and led us to Rs 32 crore.

Yet again, the film was thrashed by a section of the media with 1.5 or 2 stars coming in.
Haan, but what difference does it make? Many of the movies that get four stars flop!

Is the Rs 200 crore milestone playing in your mind now? After all, the entire weekend has been very healthy too and the Rs 100 crore mark will be surpassed comfortably.
I am keeping my fingers crossed but then let’s be practical. To achieve a Rs 200 crore mark, you need a good 10-15 day open period. You need holidays like Christmas and Eid so that your film get 4-5 days of continuous holidays. Without that it’s difficult for a film to cover the distance. No film has managed 200 crore plus without that time period. Let’s see how it works for Singham Returns now.

Rohit Shetty made the blockbuster Chennai Express with Shah Rukh Khan and has now made Singham Returns with you. There seems to be healthy competition for Rohit to outdo himself.
We want to break all records. It is all fair as everyone wants to raise the bar. Rohit wants to raise the bar and I want to do that as well (laughs). That is how we grow, isn’t it?

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