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Mary Kom’s husband to sue makers of the film?

Yes peeps, you read that right. Mary Kom’s hubby K Onler Kom is apparently extremely upset with the film’s outcome and wants to sue the makers. Now, before this news upsets you, the man was only trying to be funny. Relieved much?
Read on…

At the recently held music launch of Mary Kom, the boxing champion was in full attendance along with her husband. On being asked his views on final product of the film, Onler Kom said, he loved the biopic and cannot be any prouder of his wife. He is happy and glad that a film has been made on Mary. However, on a funny note, Onler said, he wants to sue the makers as they have showcased each and every minute detail of Mary Kom’s life on reel, including their personal life – love and romance.

He said, the makers have exposed their personal life on screen. They have included everything in the script even the way he kisses his wife and holds her. But then he adds, the film has definitely made him even more romantic.

Awww! So adorable these two are… :-)

The music launch also saw Onler go down on his knees and confess his love for Mary, saying he loves her now and forever.

Mary Kom is directed by Omung Kumar and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film sees Priyanka Chopra as the boxing champ while Darshan Kumar plays her husband. The film releases on 5 September.
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