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Fawad Khan is stealing the limelight from Sonam Kapoor

Oops! My screen just caught fire. Fawad Khan, you hot piece of sexy. Please don’t do this to us. Ever since Khoobsurat’s trailer hit screens, everyone’s chanting just one name – Fawad Khan. His female fans are increasing three folds with every passing day. And you know what’s the best part? Fawad has no clue what’s happening around him, so much so that he doesn’t even find himself hot or sexy and it’s synonyms. And so his lovely co-star Sonam Kapoor is keeping a proper tab of it.

In a recently released video, Dr. Milli Chakravarty (Sonam’s character in Khoobsurat) has diagnosed a lot of women suffering with the Fawad fever. Yes, this epidemic is spreading like fire, especially after the dude joined Twitter. Ms Kapoor then read out some of the actors tweets, embarrassing him to the core. Fawad’s reaction will give girls sleepless nights, cause he’s just too hot you see. A total Prince material.

For once the movie in which Sonam Kapoor plays a major role is making news but due to a TV actor from across the border. Fawad is clearly stealing all the show. And the nice part is Sonam continues to support the man knowing he is getting more attention than she is. Also, must say, Fawad and Sonam share a great chemistry. While, he makes the beefy boys look sooo passé, She makes fashion fashionable! Love these two together.

Meanwhile, wait and watch, the Fawad fever is about to grip the entire nation, if not already! A breath of fresh air, suave, polished, HOT! Fawad Khan, welcome to the world of movie!

Watch the video below:

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