Sonam Kapoor’s fashion disaster

She’s known as the fashionista of Bollywood. She can’t go wrong. She has that extra pressure of looking great all the time. Sonam Kapoor recently attended the Navbharat Samvaad event, dressed in a pastel color outfit. The striped top was from Zara and the printed skirt is by designer Nisha Sainani. Earrings from Prerto, a Dolce & Gabbana bag and River Island for Jabong sandals completed her look. Why would Sonam dress like this? The individual pieces are good, but together not so much.

We do get it, she’s trying to get into her character from her upcoming movie Khoobsurat, but hey! She can definitely do better than this. She completely missed the mark in this just-thrown-together ensemble. Absolutely hating that footwear. Correct us if we’re wrong, but this is the first time in a very long time that Sonam looks so blah! She needs to get rid of those earrings and of course those fugly looking shoes like right NOW. And what is the hurry to finish off all the foundation (3 shades lighter) at one go? Major fail.

Where is her stylist? Someone really should have a word with her. The girl has set her bar too high to turn up looking so disastrous. Her only saving grace here is her smile.

PS: I still can’t believe Sonam wore those hideous sandals which is usually found on Ms Balan or Ms Mukerji.

For more pictures, click here.

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