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Dia Mirza “Sahil and I are going to have a very simple Punjabi wedding.”

You have announced you wedding date (October 18). What kind of wedding have Sahil Sangha you planned?
It’s going to be a very simple and intimate Punjabi wedding with ceremonies for three days. We are both very simple human beings so we going to use the time as an excuse to spend quality time with our family and friends.

One thing that you like about Sahil?
His heart — he is grounded, rooted and uncomplicated.

You produce films with Sahil – does working together cause stress? 
I am quite surprised myself at how wonderfully we have managed our work and personal space. It takes a solid guy to share his work space with a lady and give her an equal share. Our relationship was put to test six years ago when we formed our company and we have maintained a healthy balance. I think the one thing that does not come in our relationship is the fact that neither of us allow our egoes to come in the way.

How do you look n back on your journey? 
It’s an ongoing story that’s unfolding itself with every passing day. Every phase of my life has unfolded a new story. I was 18 when I won an international pageant and that was a paradigm shift from being a regular college-going kid. Then becoming a film actor was a new story, and the fact I have chosen to tell a story now (as a filmmaker) is a new discovery for me.

What challenges did you face as a producer? 
Being a woman producer can be tough because it’s largely a male-dominated industry. When I started off (with Love Break-up Zindagi), nobody took me seriously but when I manage to release it everybody were surprised; with my second film (Bobby Jasoos) I managed to seal the deal and show that I am in this business.

What do you prefer – acing or producing?
I am very grateful for the acting jobs that I got because it has given my life a meaningful turn. I could use that platform to associate myself with the causes I wanted too. But nothing has satisfied me creatively as much as making films. When you are an actor, you are part of a big picture but when you are a producer you facilitate the entirety of that picture so it’s very meaningful and gratifying. I hope that I can do a lot more films.

Any future projects?
We are doing three more films. While we were writing Bobby Jasoos, we were preparing for our next film; now we will start work on that.

Will you ever venture towards direction?
I love storytelling. Direction is one of the more meaningful aspects of storytelling and I will gravitate towards it. A story needs to call out to me strongly enough for me to want to tell it myself. Also, it takes a lot of confidence and I need to make a few more films before that.

Name one actor from the younger lot whom you would like to direct?
I would like to direct Ranveer Singh — there’s something unstoppable about him. He’s very potent. His performances are overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. I’d like to see if as a director I can find a way to contain his energy.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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