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Alia Bhatt Counts Her Three Biggest Strengths

Having achieved considerable success at a young age, the 21-year-old was asked to enumerate her strengths. After thinking it over, Alia rattled off, “I have good willpower which I have inherited from my dad (filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt).”

Indeed, Alia who had lost a lot of weight before joining films has stayed slim ever since. Alia revealed, “I do a combination of Pilates and weight training, and I have a very strict diet which I constantly follow. One doesn’t have to be extra skinny to qualify as fit. It’s about internal fitness (feeling good). I am trying to get into the right body shape currently and this process has been going on for a while. At the end of the day people are putting money on you to look a certain way. You can’t take yourself for granted so I work towards it … You have to appear desirable.”

Alia calls her ability to take criticism on her chin as her second most significant strength. “I am thick-skinned,” she proclaims which has helped her tide over the flood of jokes made about her IQ ever since she made a gaffe on ‘Kofffee With Karan.’

And what is Alia’s third strength? “Thirdly, I am very understanding and this quality I have imbibed from my mother (actress turned filmmaker Soni Razdan). This quality helps me stay close to friends and family.”

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