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All is still not well between Shahrukh and Salman Khan

Just when we thought all was going right in the Khan clan, when Shahrukh and Salman Khan hugged recently, here comes another blow.

On Eid this year, we saw the Bollywood rivals hug and greet each other with big smiles. Just a few days after that, Salman Khan said there is only one king in Bollywood hinting at Shahrukh Khan. Then it was Shahrukh’s turn, and the king did have kind words for Salman. He said, they were friends and that he loved Salman. All was going great, right? But now, there’s a new twist in the kahaani.

At a recent event, a reporter asked Shahrukh to comment on what he thinks about a certain Khan’s compliment on being called the king of Bollywood. The jolly SRK who seemed in a great mood till then, suddenly changed. Instead of answering the reporter, he in turn countered him. He asked, “Tere mein dum hai toh us actor ka naam le (If you have courage, tell that actor’s name).” “Salman Khan”, came a reply instantly. And just when Shahrukh was about to say something, his PR intervened and snatched away the mic.

Wondering what agitated the superstar? Well, we are wondering the same. What could have upset him on hearing Sallu’s name? Stay tuned for more gupshup on the same. omeprazole offshore

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