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Shahrukh Khan reacts to the recent Kolkata controversy

Very recently, Shahrukh Khan got himself into a controversy when he danced with a woman constable who was dressed in her uniform at the Kolkata programme. Apparently, SRK disrespected the uniform, which created quite a stir among various police departments. Politicians criticised the woman police officer as well. The actor too was criticized severely. However, Shahrukh did not see any wrong in dancing with the officer in the uniform.

Calling the incident silly, Shahrukh said, it’s not about the uniform that has ticked off various police departments and politicians, but the lady inspector in uniform, that hasn’t gone down well. He goes on to say that such distinction between men and women is utterly rubbish. In fact, during his Veer Zara days, he had danced with jawans in uniform. But that did not lead to any controversy. He said: “For the first time, it’s not about the uniform, it’s about a lady inspector in uniform.”

… And then they say, Mera Bharat Mahaan! Well, we don’t even understand what the whole controversy is about. At least he put a smile on the police woman’s face. That alone makes it all OK. The reaction from various departments is simply ridiculous. We wouldn’t be surprised if some lawyer files a lawsuit anytime now.

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