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Parineeti Chopra thinks she’s not very good looking

Confused right? Well, the feeling is mutual. But, yeah, you read that right. Parineeti Chopra says, she is not as good looking as an actress is expected to be. Really Pari?

If you ask us, well wethinks she’s a complete package. She’s got the talent, she’s vivacious and she’s pretty, extremely pretty. Did you see that smile? It’s infectious, it’s dangerous, it can make any guy go weak in the knees. And no, we ain’t exaggerating one bit. And her fashion sense? Not everyone wants to go the fashionista way, right? Talking about her weighty issues? Well, we don’t really care. And she’s lost oodles of weight, anyway.

Pari may not have the movie star gorgeous looks, but she definitely has her own irrevocable charm that is quite infectious. Her cute girl-next-door looks make her more likable and relatable to the audience.

The Ishqzaade actress however thinks otherwise. Pari is all set to make an appearance on Niranjan Iyengar’s chat show and apparently, she’s going to be at her candid best. Here’s some inside scoop we have for you.

Parineeti says, though she’s not an insecure person, she feels that she is not very good looking and that she doesn’t look as stunning on screen as an actress is expected to look. However, she’s working extremely hard on herself. According to her, there are several actresses who look stunning on screen and she’s definitely not one of them.

She also talks about not owning a house yet. She says, “I am a gareeb actor in that aspect. The kind of house I want to buy is a little more expensive than it should be.”

That’s not all! There’s lots more in store. Do watch this space for more.

Meanwhile, Niranjan Iyengar’s chat show, Look Who’s Talking With Niranjan, will be aired this Sunday.

Dear Pari, we think you are extremely beautiful. And no, we do not want to see you look like a supermodel. }

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