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From bikini to salwar kameez, is how Sasha Agha Khan sums up her two-film journey

Going desi is one of the best ways to look gorgeous, stylish and traditional as well. Not all Bollywood movies focus on western outfits like short skirts. There are some movies where the stylish actresses carry a desi look. Two film old actress Sasha Agha Khan debuted in Bollywood opposite Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb where she appeared in a sexy avataar wearing a bikini. Now she is all ready to hit the big screen in her upcoming film “Desi Kattey” where she is seen wearing salwaar kurta. .

Talking about her look in the movie, Sasha said, “Since I have very long hair, it was a plus point for the character! I’ve styled it in different ways. I’ve worn patialas with short kurti, churidar pyjama, lots of kajal and bindi along with vibrant bangles. Since she belongs to a small city, she likes to dress up unlike me — I don’t like to dress up at all! Plus, it’s so hot, I just like to tie up my hair, and wear jeans and tee. No make-up, except maybe kajal and lip gloss. I am not worried about how I appear to others when I step out. For me, it’s all about sticking to one’s comfort zone.”

The beautiful actress who was seen flaunting her perfect figure in a black bikini in YRF’s Aurangzeb has now turned completely Desi for her upcoming movie Desi Kattey.

Sasha Agha’s Bikini look was much appreciated by the audience but would her appearing fully covered in a desi avataar can actually sell some tickets at the Box Office? Only Desi Kattey’s release could answer that.

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