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Entertainment movie review

Rating: 2.5 /5

Looks like the family audience is finally getting its due in terms of big screen entertainment. Two weeks back, we had Kick and this week there is debutant director duo Sajid Farhad’s hilarious presentation, Entertainment. Of course, the two are family entertainers and quintessential commercial masala potboilers. While Kick was more about Salman Khan’s star power, Entertainment gives us the high dose of laughter with hilarious characters played by Akshay Kumar, Krushna Abhishek, Tamannaah, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood and Johnny Lever. And along the way it brings out some beautiful messages and family values.

Just last week I was chatting with my colleague about children’s films made in India rarely appealing to children, and how directors more often than not fall for pleasing the adult audience as well through the same film. Looks like Sajid Farhad has been taking note of all such shortfalls. And it’s quite a pleasant surprise that their maiden effort not only shows him capable of handling emotions well, but also telling a story in quite a likeable way. In Entertainment they give us a light and beautiful children’s film which is also relatable to adults.

Akhil Lokhande, (Akhshay Kumar) does odd jobs to pay hospital bills for his ailing father (Darshan Zariwala) but he realizes that he isn’t his real father. In fact, Akhil comes to know that one of the richest diamond merchants of Bangkok, Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil) is his biological father but his dream to claim his Rs 3000 crore worth property from Pannalal gets shattered when he comes to know that he is dead and has willed his entire property and wealth to a dog named Entertainment.

In order to claim his property, Akhil and his friend (Krushna Abhishek) goes to Bangkok and plan to assassinate Entertainment in a way that it appears to be an accident. Gradually, Akhil realise that he’s not the only one who’s fighting for his property. Pannalal’s brothers Karan and Arjun (played by Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj respectively) are also after the property but on their radar is Akhil. On the other hand, Akhil’s girlfriend Saakshi’s (Tamannaah) greedy father (Mithun Chakraborty) would accept Akhil as his son-in-law only if he gets the property on his name.

Karan Arjun tries to kill Akhil but he’s saved twice by Entertainment. These incidents change Akhil’s perception towards Entertainment and they become friends. Unfortunately, Karan Arjun wins the property case and throws Entertainment and his caretaker Habibulla (Johnny Lever) out of their sprawling mansion of Bangkok. And Akhil rescues Entertainment and get him back to his house (or we say 3000 crore worth property).

There is enough slack in the script. It beats me why they decided to set the film in Pattaya when they could have easily made it in aamchi Mumbai. Plus, the second half of the movie loses out on humour as Sajid Farhad tries to bring in the good and evil under the same roof. It somehow does not fall in the way it should have to keep the humour alive from the first half. This happens when you are too stuck on making people laugh rather than telling the story.

Debutant director duo Sajid Farhad, who has often been referred as blockbuster writer duo, have categorically mentioned in their interviews while promoting Entertainment that they haven’t done anything spectacular and different with their debut venture. Their goal was to entertain people and in that sense Entertainment turns out to be a clean, family entertainer and especially kids will love it. Needless to say, funny one-liners are the USP of the film that doesn’t boast of an exceptional story or powerful characters.

Sajid Farhad has cooked it well enough to bring out a dish which will serve as a laughter medicine for the entire duration of the movie. They in fact show that they are brilliant with comic dialogues. There are some dialogues that will keep you laughing even after you leave the theatre, for instance, ‘Hum log yaha se gir gaye toh humara Reema Lagoo nikal jayega, Kya Sonakshi Sinha taan ke chal raha hai and Prabhu Dheva ki Mahima Chaudhary puri ho gayi and Sameera Ready Steady… Go-vinda! Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood surprise with their comic timing and Johnny Lever as Habibulla serve to the chaos. Tamannaah looks gorgeous as ever and has performed well. The production values of the film score high. Technically, the film looks clean with good editing and cinematography.

Overall, Entertainment is not a great film. But if you are willing to leave your brains away for almost two and a half hours and are hoping to catch a laugh riot, this one is your best bet. Entertainment does have some of the best dialogues in a long time. Sajid Fahad has worked enough to ensure that. Entertainment, in a word, is HILARIOUS!

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