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Surveen Chawla – I dislike eating cheese and butter

The first thing I have in the morning:  A bottle of water at room temperature, two glasses of lime water with a teaspoon of honey.

I breakfast on: Four egg whites with brown bread and a glass of orange juice.

My diet preference: I prefer vegetarian food

My favourite foods in vegetarian and non-vegetarian: In vegetarian fare, I love  baingan ka bharta and in non-vegetarian food my favourite is boneless sautéed chicken with some honey garlic sauce.

My lunch: I have two rotis, a Punjabi vegetable, dal, curds and green salad.

An accompaniment I must have with my meals: Curds.

For health reasons I have: Green tea. I have 5-6 cups a day.

My evening snack: Fruits.

My dinner: I have a vegetarian soup, green salad, grilled or sautéed fish (basa).

My favourite desserts: I love rasmalai, kadah prasad and chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.

My favourite fruit: Strawberries.

I dislike eating: Cheese and butter.

My favourite beverage: Cold coffee.

A childhood memory connected to food: Getting messy with mangoes on the dining table during summer after school.

I binge on: Soya chips.

I can cook best: A baked dish.

My worst kitchen disaster: I can’t cook.

My favourite cook in the world: My mum.

My comfort food: French toast salted.

The food item I think I resemble: A beetroot – it’s dark from the outside and red hot and juicy from the inside.

I feel guilty after eating: A chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

My idea of a romantic meal: A candle-lit dinner. The choice of cuisine doesn’t matter. Lit candles make it seem very romantic.

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