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Shahrukh Khan feels happy to have Suhana’s hair

Bollywood king, Shahrukh Khan has always expressed his love for his daughter on his Twitter page. The special bond that the duo share is known to all of us. The actor has yet again posted a pic of himself along with Suhana on the social networking site, mentioning how happy he feels on having a beauty like his daughter beside him. He also says, he’s thrilled to have Suhana’s hair.

Shahrukh tweeted: “I only have to see the beauty next to me and I feel happy….happiest….& I have her hair. Yay.” Isn’t that the sweetest pic ever? The father-daughter duo showing off their dimpled smiles. And not to forget, they look so alike. Awww!

Earlier, if you remember, it used to be wifey Gauri Khan who made the King happiest. Now, the crown has been passed on to their daughter. We are sure Suhana is loving every bit of this attention, admiration and appreciation. After all, dads are every daughter’s first love.

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