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Chetan Bhagat – Salman, Sajid and I did the film for a KICK

Kick is a blockbuster; and yet another successful film bears author Chetan Bhagat’s name. While 2 States and 3 Idiots were adapted from Chetan’s bestsellers, this is the first film screenplay he has worked on which isn’t adapted from a book of his. Today, with Kick turning out to be super successful, Chetan is happy about the fact that Sajid Nadiadwala gave him complete creative freedom.

Chetan says, “For Sajid to ask me to do an adaptation was something huge; I felt honoured. In fact, I remember I asked him, “Why do you want me for the film when the original material in Telugu is already available?” However he was very passionate and enthusiastic about the film and wanted to take the concept of Kick to the next level. Since he showed so much interest in telling a new story, as a writer even I wanted to go the distance and do the best for him.”

An elated Chetan says, “Sajid and I have now worked together on 2 States as well as Kick and there is a good rapport in place. Frankly, Kick was a challenge and had its own share of pressure. When I was putting together Kick, I was following the maxim of 3 Idiots which is ‘Follow your heart’.”

Was it a challenge to get out of his comfort zone and work on another’s idea?  “Well, you can say that,” Chetan smiles. “There are things that you do in life for the kick and not the money. Salman is at that stage of his career where it is not about money and fame; it is about getting a kick. The same holds true for Sajid as well; he has turned director for a kick. Kick is what we all stand for. Pun intended!”

Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood News Servce

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