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Shahrukh Khan to host ‘Got Talent World Stage Live’

Shahrukh Khan to host ‘Got Talent World Stage Live’ in Mumbai on Friday, August 1st, 2014. The event will feature performances by ten Indian and international talents each.

Shahrukh Khan said to reporters: “We have been talking about this show since one and half-two years and I am glad it has happened. We have enough talent here (India) to show to the world and also get to see the best talent from all over the world. It’s a great platform…opportunity for people to showcase their talent besides music, dance…there will be different variety of talent.”

“Performing art is a pure act of passion and love. I am glad to associate with ‘Got Talent World Stage’ as a host. I feel talent has no competition. I feel a host is as good as the show content is and this show is bigger than the host.”

“The day you feel you are talented and done everything, it’s the end. One should remain ordinary. I still get nervous doing my first scene for any film,” He added.

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