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Parineeti Chopra – I used to say who cares whether I am fat or not

Parineeti Chopra’s new slim-and-lean look is attracting a lot of attention.
The actress admits that it was criticism that motivated her to change. “For one year I kept hearing people say that I should lose weight and that’s why I made it a point to do so.”
Parineeti follows a diet in which she eats regular simple food with less oil but “never starves”. She confesses, “I was really fat so I had to work out and I hated that.” But now Parineeti is on a fitness high and she affirms, “I think it’s very important now for an actress to be in the film industry.”

The actress reveals that there has been a sea change in her attitude towards fitness. “At first I used to say who cares whether I am fat or not as long as my acting is good,” she relates. “But today I don’t say that at all … I think it was a very naive thing to say.”

Parineeti has now realised that it’s very important for an actress to be fit. She maintains: “You should look your best onscreen; after all it’s a visual medium and people who don’t know me personally are only judging me by seeing me onscreen. I have to offer my best.”d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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