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Gioconda is the 1st opera singer in the World who do a fusion with Hindi song

Gioconda – The Italian Import to Bollywood

We have seen foreign invasions in Bollywood every now and then, but this one takes the cake. In a first of sorts an Italian Opera Singer Gioconda has begun making her mark in the Hindi Film Industry. After travelling the world taking her crooning prowess across the globe, Gioconda arrived in Mumbai a few months ago and bagged herself a number “Touch Opera” in the critically acclaimed Bollywood film Prague marking her Bollywood entry and it was only time that the pretty singer became a name synonymous with many shows happening across India.

Not many know that Gioconda happens to be the first Opera Singer in the World to do a fusion Opera and Indian Music. The singer also won many hearts at the Lavasa International Festival when she sang the Hindi song “Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua” giving it an Opera singing style twist for which the songstress also earned herself a standing ovation from the music aficionados.

But if you thought that was all to Gioconda then wait for the surprise. The multi-faceted singer also happens to be a great actress and has already started receiving many acting offers from Bollywood.

Talking about venturing into acting Gioconda says, “Actually I received a few proposals as actress and model but I was too busy focusing on music, so I refused. But if I will feel a particular resonance in my soul from any movie that comes my way and if I meet the right directors who can let me express a good character while acting I will most certainly take it up.”

Well one can’t say much for movies but with the distinct personality that she holds, we think that Gioconda definitely should make for a choicest entry for Bigg Boss 8 and who knows that will give her the platform to showcase her talent too. Are the show producers listening?

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