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Emraan Hashmi talks about his film Raj Natwarlal

How is your son doing after his successful treatment in Canada?

He is doing fine and is going to school. He thought he had gone for a vacation there. I plan to show my upcoming film Raja Natwarlal to him, I think he will enjoy it. Those who have seen the film say it`s a family movie. I am proud of it and I want my son to see the film. When the kissing scene comes on, I will cover his eyes.

The last year must have been tough on you.
It was very tough to manage. I was cursing myself because I am in a profession where I had to come back for shooting and leave him there for three months while he was undergoing treatment. If I had a business I could have just left. Working in films and smiling in front of the camera while my son was undergoing treatment was very difficult.

Since you are playing a gambler in Raja Natwarlal, what card tricks did you learn?
Teen Patti is a bit tough. Kunal (Deshmukh, the director) would come home every day in my house to ensure that I got the hand mannerisms right. In one scene, I was required to flick a wallet and I actually managed to flick Kunal’s wallet.

Your trek to success has been unique. How do you look at it? 
My journey has been very unconventional. The kind of films I did earlier were not perceived as mainstream films. I started off as a supporting actor (Footpath), did a negative character in my second film (Murder) and slowly I got into the erotic thriller genre. Gradually, they understood me when films like The Dirty Picture did good numbers. That’s when they said, ‘Okay we will take a departure from the family film and try our hand at making something else with this actor’.

But I am not going to do a romantic film. I can’t do the sunny, bright, dancing-around-trees kind of films. I like wicked characters.

So you will never be part of Sooraj Barjataya films?
Nope, probably I won’t fit in. I think in a devious way.

Do you miss out on not working with A-list actresses?
Because of my brand, I have always brought fresh faces into the industry. There are great actresses and when I get an opportunity, I will work with them but there is no yearning that my next film has to star a big heroine.

But you are working with Vidya Balan in Humari Adhuri Kahani.
Yes, this is the third time around. It’s my first love story and I find that very interesting. It has a great script by Bhatt saab.

You are doing Ungli with Karan Johar. Are you are also going to work with YRF?
We are in talks ; we still have to lock the script. It would be a good blend of an Emraan Hashmi film and YRF trying out something different in commercial cinema.

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