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Check out the 5 most popular hairstyles in Bollywood

We might call them names, we might hate their guts but deep inside, we love our Bollywood ladies. They make heads turn with their style. Sometimes its OTT and other times its very simple. But nonetheless, its very classy. They have to look good all the time and have to appear in a zillion events. So much to do, so little time. They can’t just leave their hair open or braid them up or tie it up in a messy bun like us. They have to look their best and hence, almost all the ladies in Bollywood have their go to hairstyles. Check out the 5 most popular hairstyles!

the slick pony

If you aren’t feeling very adventurous or have a formal meeting to attend or want to look stern, then go for the slick pony tail. This is the easiest of all hairstyles if you have poker straight hair. To achieve this look, all you will have to do is pull you hair all of your hair back including the bangs. Tie a tight pony leaving the bottom strand out. Once the pony is tight, take the strand that you’ve left out and revolve it around the rubber band and secure it with bobby pins!

the big curl

Go big or go home! Yes, that’s the mantra our Bollywood actresses use while styling their hair. Loose big curls are their go to hairstyle while the are wearing something desi. Bored with the usual curls? Add an extra curl on the side by twisting a long strand of hair and secure it with a bobby pin. If you are the type who loves to experiment, then you’ll just love the big curl on the side of your forehead.

The Twist

Aha! Feeling a bit old school? Or want to attend a fancy dress competition or just wanna go all Rekha with kohl filled eyes and red lips? If yes, the the twist should be your go to hairstyle. It’s really easy but not meant for people with bushy hair or with thick volume. Get all your hair to the side and just twist them together with a curler. Add lots of mousse for them to stay like stiff. Take nice bling pin or flower and stick it on the opposite side.

the mango curls

This is my favorite of all! The mango curls are just the sophisticated upgrade for the messy bun. How to get it? Leave the front portion of your hair and tie a neat bun. Once your bun is tight and secured with bobby pins, curl the front portion of your hair and clip them on top. Depending on your comfort level, increase or decrease the number of curls. Team this hairstyle with smokey eyes and nude lips. You’ll look like a diva!

the bohemian braid

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Gone are the days when the word bohemian was associated loose baggy pants, huge bags, messed up hair, big jackie o shades and everything else that made us look unattractive. Thanks to these ladies in Bollywood, bohemian braids are in vogue now and getting one right is like the best thing that can happen to you. Very difficult to explain this look because there are so many different ways that you can achieve it! So here’s a YouTube tutorial to whoever is interested!

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