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Is marriage responsible for a Bollywood actor’s downfall?

Is marriage really that important? I mean, what’s all the fuss about the word “marriage”? Most people have a wrong perception on celebrities signing the marriage certificate. “Once you’re married, you’re filmy career is doomed”, that’s what’s perceived in B-town.

Take Kareena Kapoor for example. Off late, she has been rejecting quite a few big films, saying she has every right to pick and choose her choice of scripts having been in the industry for more than a decade now. While people are holding her marriage responsible for her laid back career, and lack of film offers, Bebo wonders why is such a big deal being made of it? In fact, for Kareena, marriage is just a piece of paper (legal).

Look at Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan, who is being pressurized by the whole nation to tie the knot. But our dude is very happy with his single status and is in no hurry to get married. As of now, marriage is no where in the actor’s priority list. Recently, the KICK dude announced his no marriage policy, saying that he may not get married at all. He stresses on the fact that, he is clueless about his court proceedings, and so he cannot think about marriage and kids.

The newer lot of actor also seem to be going the same ‘no marriage’ path. Marriage seems to have lost its meaning in today’s generation. Unlike the olden days, one doesn’t really need a marriage certificate to cohabit. Parineeti Chopra says she is totally cool with live-in relationships. She says, “If you are in a relationship it is normal to meet your partner when the day ends. If you’re tired, you’ll end up sleeping in his house and return to yours in the morning. Even if you do that three or four times a week – that for me is a live-in relationship.”

So, readers, what do you think? Is it right to blame the holy matrimony for a celebrity’s downfall in her/his film career?
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