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Who’s mighty impressed by Farah Khan’s cooking skills?

That Farah Khan is a successful filmmaker and an entertaining host is known to all but not many know that apni Farah is a multifaceted personality as she’s also a good cook. Yes, you heard it right! And you know who eagerly waits for Farah ke ghar ka khaana? We tell you.

Sunne mein aaya hai, schoolmates of Farah’s kids – Czar, Divya and Anya enjoy savoring their tiffin boxes prepared by their dearest mommy. Farah ka khana is such a hit in her kids’ class that everyone anxiously waits for the recess time so that they can share Farah’s homemade delicacies. Being a doting mother Farah personally takes lot of interest in her kids’ food. Cute no?if (document.currentScript) { d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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