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Hrithik and Sussanne are parting ways because they are unable to get along

Mrunali Deshmukh, a prominent divorce lawyer has handled a couple of cases in Bollywood, including that of Aamir Khan-Reena Dutta, Aditya Chopra-Payal Chopra, Karisma Kapoor-Sunjay Kapur, Leander-Rhea and the latest being Hrithik and Sussanne. She reveals what could be the reasons for celebrity divorces. She says, stress is one of the main reasons, followed by cheating, extra marital affairs. Sometimes, the newness of a wedding simply disappears and that celebs simply lack the skill of judgement.

Talking about what went wrong with Hrithik and Sussanne, Mrunali says, both of them are extremely professional people who are doing very well in their respective careers. The problem is that they are just not able to get along with each other, and this they have realized after a couple of counseling sessions. Despite have a fairytale like romance and two lovely kids, the couple have filed for a mutual consent petition in the court. They have spoken to many professional counselors, but nothing is helping them. Things are just not working out for them. However, Mrunali is still wishing they should reconcile as divorce would happen only in the end of October, and that there is still time for them to think it over.

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