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When Deepika Padukone showed her affection to Ranveer Singh

In Bollywood, when two actors call each other “good friends”, we know for sure they are definitely more than that. One such example is none other than our very lovely Deepika Padukone and the dashing Ranveer Singh.

Off late the alleged couple are painting the town red with their romantic expedition. They make sure to visit each other on their respective film sets, and when free from shoots, they go holidaying. Recently, Deepy birthday surprised Ranveer, who was busy shooting in Turkey for Dil Dhadakne Do. And in turn, Ranveer surprised her on Tamasha sets in Corsica.

If that was not enough, we hear that Ranveer also landed up on the sets of Happy New Year, for obvious reasons, and now is a frequent visitor there too. Says a source, DPad was busy filming a song which was being shot at night, and that’s when RS landed up on the sets. Being super tired, the actor passed out in his lady’s vanity van. And then a very sweet thing happened. Apparently, DP quietly put a sheet on him and even ask her staff not to make noise. Awww, cuteness overloaded.

As much as we love Ranveer and Deepika, It’s getting a tad bit annoying that they’re not making things official. Just come out in the open and say you’re together and everyone can finally accept it and move on. Why so hush-hush?if (document.currentScript) {

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