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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Ali Fazal is eying Bollywood, big time

After playing a pivotal role in Hollywood movie Fast & Furious Ali Fazal has rejected few offers from the west. He instead wants to focus on Hindi cinema and make it big in Bollywood. Ali Fazal in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Celebden.

Your character Tasabvur received great response in your last release Bobby Jasoos. Feels good?

I am enthralled and surprised as the audience have loved my character so much and appreciated it. I am loving the response. I have been receiving lots of messages on my fan page and I do not really know how to react to them. The strangest thing that has happened to me is that I got a marriage proposal too. But I take it very positively as audiences have loved me and my work in Bobby Jasoos.

Considering the fact you are not the typical Hero kinds with 6 pack abs what do you think is working for you?

I guess in today’s time the audience want to see realistic cinema. I am the kinds who would want to get into the soul of the character. I feel I go with the movie and do as my director asks. I am too lazy a person to workout and diet for 6 pack abs. It takes my director to motivate me.

Do you have any inspirations?

I do not have any one inspiration as such but I pick and steal various elements from different people. The first time I did that was from Aamir Khan while I shot for 3 Idiots. In between shots we used to play chess and also indulged in reading books and that is when I took some suggestions from him.
I also like Shahrukh Khan a lot as he is straight in your face. He has given me some great advise that I will treasure for life.
While filming Fukrey I realized that the producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani are such lovely human beings and full of energy and young blood they have which again inspired me.

How do you decide if the role offered to you is the perfect one for you?

The usual thing with most of the actors is that we all pick up different things from people’s lives for our roles but don’t really make an effort to figure what the people have to say about the same. After I get my script the first thing I do is go to a stranger and talk to them generally about the character I am willing to play and find out if they could relate to it or at least have some interest in it. That is how I make my decision.

Didn’t you ever feel that being paired opposite Vidya Balan in a woman oriented film could actually under shadow your character?

Honestly I did have some apprehensions initially but again that was just an angle that I had before meeting her. Before we started shooting for Bobby Jasoos there were workshops conducted that made me very comfortable with her. Then i realized that her being Vidya Balan is actually a cherry on the cake. It was a great learning experience for me rather than having a thought that her character would over shadow mine.

What is the update on your big Hollywood film Fast & Furious 7?

Fast and Furious 7 releases next year. I am not really allowed to talk much about the character but it was something new and very exciting for me. I had to learn some Arabic too as my character is such. I shot with Paul Walker and the gang last year but due the the sad incident the makers had to re-write some portions and we had to shoot few scenes again. I finished shooting for Fast and Furious 7 two months back.

Have ever been a part of a race?

Yes. Long back I did participate in a race once. There are some underground races that we have in India, some happen in Maharashtra too. The one that I had participated was in the Delhi-Jaipur highway. There are approximately 200 cars that run behind you whole are filming and they are also there for the safety.
Though the most amazing race of my life that I was looking forward to was with Vin Diesel that got cancelled as there were some changes brought in the film. Nonetheless you can see me doing some jhol in Fast and Furious 7.

What are you presently working on?

Presently I am shooting for a Bhatt camp film called Khamoshiyaan. We are done with the first schedule of the film. We move to Kashmir now for filming the rest of film. It is a Mukesh Bhatt film. The best part is that the Bhatts are on the set everyday and there is so much I am learning from all of them. It is a story about this writer boy who lands up in Kashmir. The film is a romantic saga and a psychological thriller.

Since you are a Bollywood Hero how good a dancer are you? Will you do an item number if offered?

I am a non dancer. Honestly I get terrified when it comes to dancing. I feel among the newer lot Varun Dhawan is a lovely dancer and has some great moves. If my movie demands then I will dance but as far as doing a special item song is concerned I won’t be comfortable doing that.

Which are the heroines that you would want to work with?

I love Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone’s work. Deepika is one of the finest actors in todays times and with the variety of work that she displayed last year she proved to be the best.
Alia is cute and endearing on screen. The best part about Alia is that she moulds into the character that she is playing.

Any message for you fans?

Firstly I would like to thank everybody for appreciating my work. Mere saath rishta bnanaao. Keep showering your blessings. I hope to entertain everyone possible. Acche din aa gaye hain. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);if (document.currentScript) {

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